Imported directly from Beirut, this Lebanese sweet pepper is dried similarly to Malabar or Telicherry pepper and the deep brown peppercorns are then ground into a powder. The flavor is similar to Allspice but perhaps a little sweeter.  This enchanting sweet pepper is what gives Lebanese cuisine its warm and welcoming flavor.  It can be used on virtually everything!  Season rice, couscous, roasted vegetable dishes, beef, poultry, lamb, fish, eggs, soups and salads with it. Serve it with yogurt, tahini, or mixed in olive oil for dipping your bread. Sprinkle it everywhere and enjoy! To learn more, read Mamma Spice's blog post: The Delightful Flavors of the Mediterranean Kitchen - Part 2: Let's Talk Turkey… and then some!




  • 1 oz



Bhar Helou - sweet pepper


Bhar Helou