This cocoa powder is very dark!  It has a soft, rounded chocolate flavor and is gentle and inviting. Mix it with sugar and milk for a deep, dark hot chocolate. Dust it over a bowl of fruit, or roll frozen bananas in it for a delcious twist. Mix it into peanut butter smoothies or make a black velvet cake. Turn it savory by mixing it with Hungry Gene's Korintje Cinnamon and Hungry Gene's Cumin Seed Powder for a rub for ribs and pork, or stir it into chili. Mix with espresso powder for a super-rich steak rub. Use it to add deep chocolate flavor to mole, or char some mild peppers and top with a pesto made from the cocoa powder, almonds, parsley, and olive oil. For a fun snack, toss pumpkin seeds with Black Onyx powder, Hungry Gene's Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt, and Hungry Gene's Malabar Black Pepper, and roast.




  • 2 oz



Alkalized Cocoa Powder.


Black Onyx Cocoa Powder