This smoky and aromatic Brazilian Steakhouse Seasoning brings savory depth to steak.  It’s also excellent on other cuts of meat. This tasty blend opens with a one-two punch of smoky salt and pepper, and pungent aromatics like onion and garlic. Woodsy cinnamon dominates the aroma, and the flavor comes in right after the onion, adding a sweet lift with the airy herbaceousness of spearmint and fennel. Low and earthy umami notes from ground mushroom and annatto make up the backbone of this blend, and carry it outward to a peppery finish with a gentle burn.


Dramatic steaks deserve dramatic seasonings, so use this blend when you go all out and want to properly dress a gorgeous Tomahawk Steak. You can also use it as a standard seasoning over things like grilled chicken or sirloin, which you can then slice and put over a Salad with a sauce ade from Hungry Gene's Chimichurri Seasoning. Marinate a whole chicken with Brazilian Steak Seasoning and Buttermilk for the most tender grilled chicken imaginable. Toss over sweet potatoes and bake for an indulgent Sweet Potato Poutine. Add some of this to tuna steaks and sear, then enjoy a Tuna, Poblano, and Potato Salad. Sauté mushrooms with Brazilian Steakhouse Seasoning and shallots for a savory side dish you can enjoy with a wide variety of meals.



Hungry Gene recommends using Brazilian Steak Seasoning to season beef, no matter what kind, although it's also excellent on lamb, turkey, or chicken. To use as a rub for steaks or to blend into burgers, Hungry Gene suggests 1 Tablespoon of blend per pound of meat.



  • 1.5 oz



Salt, pepper, onion, garlic, annatto, fennel, bel pepper, mushroom, cinnamon, and spearmint.


Brazilian Steakhouse