This little seed has a multitde of flavors!  It is sweet, nutty, warm, light, musky, herbal, and citrusy.   The coriander plant itself is very versatile and one of the few plants that produces an edible seed and an herb. The seed which is the dried fruit of the plant is coriander.  The herb, or the leaves of plant, is cilantro. Each plant can only be cultivated for either coriander or cilantro, as the leaves must be picked before the plant matures to produce the seeds.


In the US, we make a is a distinction between coriander (the seeds) and cilantro (the leaves of the plant).  Hoever, in most of the world, both the leaves and the seeds are referred to as coriander.  You just have to specify which part you want as each has its own distinct flavor. 


You can use coriander seeds in many different types of food.  You can roast them to enhance their flavor or just add them directly into your dishes.  Mix them into rice or couscous.  Add them to mixed vegetables to serve with lamb.  Add them to yogurt to create a tasty marinade for fish or chicken.  You can add them to a spice rub for pork,  You can put them in vegetable dishes like curries.  Mixing them with turmeric and cumin can add a unique Thai flavor to grilled flank steak. 

Jazz up your pasta with a little ground coriander.  You won't be disappointed!


Size: 1 oz



Organic Coriandrum Sativum


Coriander Seed, Whole