Dill seed comes from the mature flowers of the Anethum graveolens herb.  Both dill weed and seed come from the same plant, but the weed is made from dried leaves and the seed is produced by the flowers. Click here if you'd like Hungry Gene's Dill Weed.  You can use dill weed and dill seed  interchangeably in many recipes but if you want to use dill in pickling, then you want to use the seed. 


Dill seeds can also be added to bread recipes, pasta salads and potato salads.  Dill brings out the flavor of cucumber salds.  You can also use dill to make a sour cream or yogurt based dip.  Try dill in bean dip or hummmus.  Use dill in a variety of vegetable dishes. Sprinkle the seeds on chicken or fish - particularly salmon and cod.  You can make a dill dressing for that too!  Mix dill into seafood cakes. You won't be disappointed!




  • 1 oz



Organic Anethum Graveolens


Dill Seed, Whole