Falafels are a common street food that is eaten throughout the Middle East. Falafels are also now very popular here in the US and falafel stands can be found in virtually every metropolitan area throughout the country.  Falafels are deep-fried patty-shaped fritters or balls typically made from ground chickpeas (garbonzo beans), fava beans or some combination of both. They are hot and crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  To learn more about the history of falafels read Mamma Spice's blog: On the Road to Morocco.

Hungry Gene's Falafel Seasoning, while boasting a mild heat, is not spicy.  Rather, it is a flvor enhancer.  It can be used to make delicious falafel for appetizers to dip or to put into a pita for lunch or dinner.  The seasoning blend can also be sprinkled over hummus or tossed into fries made from Halloumi (a semi-hard, unripened and brined cheese prepared using sheep's or goat's milk from the island of Cyprus).  You can also add falafel seasoning to flavor the base for lentil soup or fry it with fava beans.  The blend can also be tucked under the skin of chicken along with some lemon when you want a Middle Eastern flair for your roasted chicken.  Toss it over grilled asparagus or toss it with some olive oil into eggplant slices and then bake them!  You can use it in couscous or blend it into yogurt and tahini for a tasty vegetable dip!




  • 1 oz



Salt, garlic, onion, cumin, coriander, parsely flakes, cayenne pepper, black pepper and cardamom powder.


Falafel Seasoning