Bring a taste of Italy into your kitchen!  This mix is bold and very aromatic.  Authentic Italian blends are truly unique to the region and the individual doing the cooking.  Hungry Gene's Italian Seasoning captures the essence of what Italy has to offer for those who want to get as authentic as possible and don't have a secret family recipe of their own!  One taste and you are immediately transported to the sun-drenched countryside of Italia!  Add this blend to oil and vinegar for a fragrant Italian salad dressing.   Add it to any tomato-based dish for a mellow rich flavor - it's great in marinades, sauces, chicken or eggpant parmesan, on pizza, in lasage, meatloaf, meatball, roasts, and so much more!


This blend is salt-free for those who are concerned about salt in-take. For those that want more salt, try adding Hungry Gene's Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt to taste.


Because this blend is salt free, you can use it a little more sparingly (than you would a blend with added salt) without sacrificing the flavor. Enjoy!



  • 0.63 oz



Organic garlic, organic oregano leaf, organic basil leaf, organic marjoram leaf, and organic sage leaf.


Italian Seasoning, Salt Free