The North Woods Inn served patrons in the Denver Metro for over 40 years.  It had become an iconic landmark and one of its claims to fame was their cottage cheese appetizer.  This wasn't your plain old, garden variety cottage cheese.  This cottage cheese was seasoned with a blend of savory, aromatic spices and was the perfect beginning of a perfect meal.  Sadly, the North Woods Inn has closed its doors for good but not to fear, you can still get that cottage cheese seasoning flavor in in Hungry Gene's North Woods Inn Style Cottage Cheese Seasoning.  There are many copy cats out there, but Hungrey Gene's version is spot on!  This seasoning will make your store bought (or home made) cottage cheese taste just like the cottage cheese served at the North Woods Inn!  You can also use it on steamed veggies or in egg salad!  Check out Mama Spice's Quick 'n Easy Egg Salad recipe.  Yum!


Size: 6 ounces



Sugar, sea salt, monosodium glutamate (just a little!), white pepper, celery salt, caraway seeds.

North Woods Inn Style Cottage Cheese Seasoning