This sun-dried Turkish chile pepper is a best friend to have in the kitchen!  With its salty-sweet-smoky-sour flavor accompanied by notes of chocolate and wine tannins, it brings a very pleasant heat to virtually any dish. In Turkish cuisine, it is mixed with cumin, sesame seeds, onion, or paprika.


Urfa pepper is a good alternative for Aleppo pepper. Try it in Hummus, roasted vegetables, chicken, beef, lamb (it's a key ingredient for Turkish kabobs) or even tofu! Be creative with it - you won't be disappointed. To learn more, read Mamma Spice's blog post: The Delightful Flavors of the Mediterranean Kitchen - Part 2: Let's Talk Turkey… and then some!



  • 1 oz



Urfa Biber chiles, vegetable (sunflower) oil, and salt.


Urfa Biber (Turkish Pepper)